Biti's Hunter comes back with super MV "Go for return 4"
Different from the music video like in the previous 3 seasons, Going to Return 4 is a short film with a meaningful message called "Tet's special journey". This is also the first collaboration between Biti's Hunter and talented young musician Phan Manh Quynh, opening musical projects this year.

By appointment again, every New Year to spring season, Biti's Hunter "launches" the viral product Go to return, each year with a different message and all create a certain success in the market.

If the 3 seasons of Going To Return Before were all collaborations of Biti's Hunter with music videos, this year, Going to Return 4 chose a new way, a story hidden in the form of a short film, titled "Special Journey of Tet", opens a special musical story urging viewers to return soon to reunite with their families on this Tet holiday.

That is the return journey of the young man, the main character in the story is continued by the song "Go to return 4 - Come back early Tet" true to the annual tradition of the Biti's Hunter brand: Go and Experience experience.

Biti's Hunter Transformation

This year, Biti's Hunter is considered a "makeover" from the approach to the new message, demonstrating the drastic change of the brand. From a brand that is considered outdated and outdated, Biti's Hunter has transformed strongly, to now increasingly assert the brand, become a leading fashion trend loved by young people and a guideline for young people. Standard lifestyle for young people.

With Going to Return 4, the content not only stops at the message to return home to reunite with family on Tet holiday, but also goes beyond a sobbing reminder: We are still young, but our parents are not. are not. Let's try to come back earlier because our presence really brings Tet to our parents.

Thuỳ Linh (TH)