Chau Bui, Chau Tuyet Van and other "women" spread strong inspiration called "Dare to do extraordinary things"
People often call girls the weak sex, but in them there is always a potential source of abundant energy. When she "dared" to start, what a woman can do is no less than a man. They are even great role models to be admired.

If you are still confused for the above information, there are many role models out there for those extraordinary energetic women. All around us, the woman has somehow forged an extremely strong fighting spirit. Overcoming all prejudices and barriers, they are busy looking for success with their own passion, striving with an energy that is always filled in their chest to dare to do extraordinary things ( #damlamdieuphithuong ).

From such familiar names as hot girl Khanh Vy, Fashionnista Chau Bui, to the passionate but also tearful story of startup queen Thuy Muoi. It is also impossible not to mention the golden girl of Vietnamese sports Chau Tuyet Van or the image of Thanh Vu - Female 9x Ha Thanh with a daring journey to conquer 7 continents and the North Pole. Each of them has their own mission, their own ambition, but they all carry out it with all their determination. And it is that determination that has brought the strongest inspiration to help many young people be more motivated for the long road ahead.

Chau Bui: Take yourself as a "test" for new things

That is the title of the article published on an online news site in 2017 when it was written about Chau Bui. Reading up to that point, we can also feel that there is a great recklessness in this Hanoi girl's blood! The journey from a skinny student to being honored at the 2017 Influence Asia Awards is what will probably make Chau Bui more proud.

Looking at Chau now, no one would think that he had a time when people teased him as "little pepper" and "stork" because he only weighed 39 kg. inferiority complex about their own appearance.

Chau Bui shared, in order to have the current Chau Bui: confident, much stronger, strong to have the life he always dreamed of. Chau has invested and put a lot of effort into that dream. From practicing for a spectacular makeover, to changing your lifestyle, to tinkering with research, igniting a love of fashion and making yourself a "test" for your crazy ideas. self.

The days were no less difficult, she forced herself into increasingly strict training standards, did not let herself follow the old paths and confidently tried new ideas, self- Create for yourself a very personal drawing with the image of a "short" but "quality" model that everyone looking at will not be able to take their eyes off. It is the outstanding determination to create for themselves a style of "variable change" with the charisma of thousands of people. Always the beginning of many new trends, representing the dynamic and sexy beauty of Vietnamese youth, it must be said that fashionista Chau Bui has reached the fullest success after her days of perseverance and hard work.

“Chou can now be proud of what she has done, and is loved by everyone as an inspiration to change herself and a love of fashion for Vietnamese youth. Once we have determined ourselves, nothing is impossible. If you have a dream, be patient and fight until the end, girls!" Chau Bui affirmed.

Becoming the top IT girl today, one of the few young girls with great attraction on social networks that is not inferior to famous artists in Vietnam. Chau Bui deserves to be admired and is a great inspiration for many young Vietnamese today with the spirit of always breaking through, always moving forward with his passion.